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Information about current situation


Dear Sir or Madam,

The personnel situation due to corona diseases has reached a critical level in our national groupage cooperation. Unfortunately, we, the Intertrans forwarding company, are also currently experiencing many failures in the operational/local transport fleet for the same reason.
Thanks to active crisis management and the high level of discipline of the employees present, the processes are under control. Logically, however, productivity cannot be maintained at a consistently high level.
In the transshipment points, this leads to a sinking throughput rate in all areas and partial delays in the processes during the night and day and ultimately the delivery.
Our goal is to get through the next two weeks without any regulatory measures.
We need your support for this: We ask for your understanding!

Thank you very much
Your Intertrans team
Industriestr. 6
D-67240 Bobenheim-Roxheim