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What ist logistics?

Logistics in general is the concept of executing the customer-oriented flow of materials and designing the accompanying flow of information in parallel. According to Reinhardt Jünemann, the goal of logistics is to provide the right goods, in the right quantity, at the right place, at the right time, in the right quality, at the right cost.

Can I register shipment online?

This can be done on the homepage www.intertrans.de

What information is needed to determine freight prices

To calculate a freight price we need:
- Country of dispatch, place, postcode
- Country, place, postcode
- Number of packages
- Dimensions of the respective packages
- Gross weights incl. Packaging material and load carriers (e.g. pallets)
- Possible deadlines
- Franking or Incoterm
- if necessary the value of the goods to cover the transport insurance
- If dangerous goods are involved, provide all relevant information
- Other special features

Are transports automatically insured

There is no automatic transport insurance. You must decide whether or not you want us to cover transport insurance for you

How to calculate loading meters (LDM)?

To calculate loading metres, the length is multiplied by the width of the package and divided by the lorry width (2.4 m). This gives the formula L x W in m / 2.4 m. For example, a Euro pallet (1.2 x 0.8 m) has 0.4 ldm (1.2 x 0.8 / 2.4m).

This does not take into account stowage loss, which is necessary in practice to secure the load. Therefore, there may be deviations in the calculation. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the respective contact person.

What is the difference between a freight forwarder and a transport company?

A freight forwarder acts as a logistics service provider and organiser, whereas a haulage contractor or carrier carries out the direct transport of the goods.

What is a full truck load

A full truck load is a shipment that takes up an entire truck and comes from one customer/client.

What is a partial load

A partial load is a consignment that only takes up a certain amount of space in the truck and is therefore loaded together with other consignments. The respective scheduling department puts together several partial loads in a sensible way in order to make the best possible use of the loading space.

What ist a general cargo consignment?

A general cargo consignment has a maximum weight of approx. 2,500 kg and consists of a maximum of approx. 5 pallets.

What services does Intertrans offer?

We offer Europe-wide road transport of almost any goods, including special runs and special requirements. In addition, we can offer over 10,000 sqm of storage space with high shelves and other services in the storage area, such as packaging, order picking, etc.

Please feel free to get an overview of our services!

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